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Thomas Deng Mahmoud Schumann (TDMS) is a faith-driven German-Sudanese entrepreneur, investor and banker. Mr. Schumann started his sustainability journey in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt am Main in 1985 creating the first circular economy in the apparel industry. Since 2011 Mr. Schumann pioneers the "Future of Water Security and Sustainable Finance". Mr. Schumann’s massive transformative purpose (MTP) aims to influence 8 billion stakeholders for water stewardship and sustainability. A steward himself at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, his purpose-driven mission pursues the triple bottom line “People, Planet, Prosperity” and “Doing well by doing good”. For 45 years Mr. Schumann has been embracing a lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) enjoying elite distance running and triathlon.

Established in 2011, Thomas Schumann Capital (TSC) has emerged as a leading investor in sustainable freshwater management and global water security. Recognizing the critical importance of water as a fundamental human right and indispensable resource, TSC developed innovative strategies and investment solutions to safeguard freshwater supplies for future generations. Three of TSC's most ambitious projects, Project Greenland, Project Alaska, Project Iceland steward a substantial supply of Arctic super premium freshwater for drinking, emergency, humanitarian relief use in water-stressed communities. With government freshwater exploration licenses and strategic partnerships in place, these groundbreaking endeavors not only immediately address long-term freshwater supply and security concerns but also revolutionize the way freshwater resources are managed and distributed to water-stressed regions.

For global capital markets TSC introduced innovative financial instruments to appreciate water security, including TSC Water Security Index, the world's first index family to quantify and qualify water risk in equities. The index offering is complemented by TSC Global Water Security ETF launching this summer. In addition to partnerships with enlightened investors who share its vision of water stewardship and sustainability, TSC now expands its coalition to sovereigns and sovereign wealth funds to advance global water security and sustainability. As the global water and climate challenges continue to escalate, Thomas Schumann Capital's bold vision and unwavering commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 "Access to Clean Water for All" and Agenda 2030 pave the way towards a more water-secure, sustainable and equitable future for 8 billion stakeholders.

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