Thomas Deng Mahmoud Schumann is a pioneer in sustainability. His birthplace, Frankfurt am Main, Germany's financial capital, and the 2015 world's most sustainable city according to the Sustainable Cities Index inspired his path. Thomas discovered his passion for sustainability in 1985 when he co-pioneered a circular economy for recycled Levis 501 denim jeans.


In 2011 at the onset of California's Millennial Drought Thomas's passion for positive social and environmental impact, sustainability, and responsible investing evolved to "Water Security". 


At the 2017 Socially Responsible Investment Conference, San Diego, Thomas realized that helping global capital markets to integrate water risk in equities, portfolios, and investment decisions represents the most impactful path to advance Agenda 2030, "Transforming our World", specifically UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 “Water Security”.


Thomas Schumann's latest venture "Project Greenland" helps both Greenland, a highly water-secure region, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), an extremely water-scarce region to advance water security and water equity.


To fast-track his mission of advancing global water security, Thomas leverages his expertise in sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and his discipline, tenacity and determination as an accomplished endurance and multi-sport athlete.