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Thomas Deng Mahmoud Schumann started his sustainability journey in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt am Main. In 1985 Mr. Schumann pioneered the first circular economy in the apparel industry by commercializing recycled American Levis Strauss 501 denim jeans from California in Germany. In 2011 Mr. Schumann started to pioneer a "Future for Water Security". His products and services solutions help global capital markets quantifying and qualifying water risk in equities, water-stressed regions with Arctic freshwater supply, global stakeholders with impact and wealth creation through tokenization of freshwater assets. Mr. Schumann’s massive transformative purpose (MTP) aims to influence 8 billion stakeholders for water stewardship through reducing, reusing, recycling our planet’s most precious resource. Mr. Schumann’s purpose-driven mission and work is guided by God, the triple bottom line “People, Planet, Profit” and “Doing well by doing good”. For 45 years Mr. Schumann embraces a lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) and enjoys training and racing as an elite endurance athlete.

Thomas Schumann Capital® (TSC) was established 2011 in Delaware. TSC owns and manages TSC Water Security Index®, Project Greenland, All solutions pursue impact and profit for 8 billion stakeholders, align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG #6 Global Water Security.

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