Thomas Schumann discusses 
investing in Water Security

The only sponsor of investable indices and financial products for water security

TSC partners with the leading financial market data provider Refinitiv, and global financial institutions to transform physical and financial water risk into water security for investors, corporates and stakeholders at large.

TSC Serves 7.8 Billion Stakeholders by influencing $360 Trillion for Water Security.


TSC Water Security Index

Three Key Strategies Toward a Water Secure World

Corporate Water Stewardship



Identifying Water Risk

Investing in Water Security



Transformative Collaborations

TSC partners with global leaders to transform water risk into water security


About Thomas Schumann

Thomas Schumann is a sustainability leader and pioneer. His birthplace, Frankfurt am Main, Germany's financial capital, and the 2015 world's most sustainable city according to the Sustainable Cities Index inspired his path...