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According to WoodMcKenzie, Global GDP is projected to reach $170 trillion by 2050. A World Bank report on Climate Change and Water suggests that investing in United nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 "Global Water Security" mitigates the potential loss of up to 6% or $10.2 trillion of global GDP per year. There are two key aspects around financing SDG 6 for the future. By far the largest amount is what must be financed by governments and municipalities to support freshwater extraction, delivery and sanitation. The OECD estimates approximately $1.7 trillion investment (3x the current spend) needed until 2030 to achieve SDG 6. Moreover, this represents only a fraction of the SDG 6 investment agenda: projections of global financing needs for freshwater infrastructure range from $6.7 trillion by 2030 to $22.6 trillion by 2050 and these figures do not cover the development of freshwater resources for irrigation or energy (they are wrapped into the clean energy investment estimates).

Acting on and investing in SDG 6 now mitigates catastrophic human, environmental and economic losses on a scale the world has not seen before.




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