Thomas Deng Mahmoud Schumann is a sustainability pioneer, innovator and steward at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. His birthplace Frankfurt am Main, Germany's financial capital and the 2015 world's most sustainable city according to the Sustainable Cities Index inspired his path of social, environmental, financial responsibility and impact 37 years ago. Global Water Security for 7.8 Billion stakeholders is Thomas' Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). A nationally-ranked endurance athlete he embraces a lifestyle of health and sustainability.


Thomas Schumann Capital (TSC) was founded 2011 in Delaware. TSC owns Thomas Schumann Water Security Index, Thomas Schumann Water Security Fund, Project Greenland Inc. with access to 20 Trillion Liters super premium drinking Water from Greenland.


In 2017, TSC realised that global capital markets arguably play the most significant role in the future of sustainable Water security and started to qualify and quantify ‘Water Risk’ as a direct portfolio and investment risk. TSC then set about the task of creating an innovative family of Water Risk indices for an institutional audience, and by October 2020 the company started working with Anatase Ltd and Moorgate Benchmarks Ltd (since 2022, part of Morningstar Index Services) to further refine and develop these indices and ultimately calculate and provide independent governance. A further partnership with Refinitiv, a leading data provider (London Stock Exchange Group), was created to provide important Water-specific data for the methodology of the world's first family of Water security indices. As part of the development of these indices, the concept of ‘Water footprint’ was born, and is considered to be a ‘first’ for global capital markets. Importantly, the ‘Water footprint’ of the TSC Water Security Index family is on average 50% lower than that of the traditional equity benchmarks of MSCI World, S&P500 and EuroSTOXX 50.

Over the past 5 years, TSC has emerged as one of the world’s most vocal thought-leaders in developing fund solutions for global Water security. As part of a global network of leading academics in water and climate security, collaboration with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and participating in the NGO Ceres launch of the Valuing Water Finance initiative, TSC continues to demonstrate a commitment, connectivity and expertise unrivalled in the cross-over between Water appreciation and commercial realities.


When the Valuing Water Finance Initiative was launched in August 2022, TSC was one of original signatories, with 62 other global firms, with over $10 trillion in assets under management. Furthermore TSC is a regular contributor to leading financial titles such as FINTECH.TV, Responsible Investor, Bloomberg, Barron's, Environmental Finance, Global Capital, Green Money Journal, Board Agenda, IR Magazine, Climate & Capital Media publications, underscoring their position and influence in the pursuit of advancing global Water security.