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Thomas Schumann Capital®, (TSC) was established in 2011 in Delaware. TSC manages TSC Water Security Index®,, Thomas Schumann Water Security Fund®, Project Greenland®, and Project Alaska "Arctic Freshwater for the World". Project Greenland and Project Alaska offer more than 150 trillion liters super premium freshwater for 20 years to drought-stricken regions in response to global freshwater demand projected to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030. 

In 2017, TSC realized that global capital markets arguably play the most significant role in the future of sustainable freshwater security and started to qualify and quantify this risk as a direct portfolio and investment risk. TSC then sponsored, created and published an innovative family of benchmark equity indices for an institutional audience. As part of the index development, the Water Footprint was born, considered a first for global capital markets. TSC Water Security Index®, Water Footprint averages 50% lower values than the traditional equity benchmarks of MSCI World, S&P500, and EuroSTOXX 50.

Over the past decade, Thomas Schumann Capital®,emerged as the leading solutions provider and one of the most vocal thought leaders for SDG 6. As part of a global network of Water and Climate academics, and in collaboration with the United Nations, TSC continues to demonstrate a commitment, connectivity, and expertise unrivaled in the cross-over between freshwater appreciation and investment and commercial realities. 
Thomas is a regular contributor to leading financial titles such as Citi Velocity, TheIMPACT, Responsible Investor, Bloomberg, Barron's, Environmental Finance, Global Capital, Green Money Journal, Board Agenda, IR Magazine, Climate & Capital Media, and many other publications, underscoring the firm's position and influence in advancing SDG 6 in public and private global markets.

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